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Got Skills?

A few days ago I talked about dealing with prepping overwhelm, and it was heavily focused on being smart and methodical about what you buy.

Today I want to touch on something that is arguably as important or even more important that stuff you buy and store.


Having basic skills in medical areas, gardening, food preservation, and stuff like that is generally a good thing to know.

It’s also important to be ‘handy’ … as in handyman type skills.  Unfortunately this is something that is often overlooked, especially in today’s day and age where more and more people don’t even own more tools than a hammer and a couple screwdrivers.

In any type of situation where the infrastructure you’re used to isn’t available, you’re going to need to ‘figure stuff out’ and that may mean knowing how to fix a pipe, build a shed, or repair a door, just to pull a few things out of the long list.

You should know how to deal with electricity, understand how water behaves in different circumstances, and how to cobble together something useful out of a pile of scrap wood.

Men, this is a big thing for your woman, and provides a serious sense of security for them.  My gorgeous wife tells me on a regular basis how much she appreciates my handyman type skills.  She happily tells anyone who will listen that I can build or fix anything.  My kids even say that now!

For example in our new house we had to convert a family room into a bedroom by building a wall with a door.  Not the most complicated task in the world, but it was very important to her, and she was very grateful when it was done.

This isn’t stuff you pick up overnight, you have to play at it.  Doing DIY repairs to your home is a great way, and if you have a good local hardware store (not a big box store) they’re always happy to help with advice and tips.

But you gotta learn.  And better to do it now than when your lives depend on it.  At least now you can drive down to the hardware store and get parts if you manage to flood the kitchen.
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One Response to Got Skills?

  1. Really like this article! It brings across the requirement that both men and women need to know the skill sets of both partners in a family setting. Men need to learn what it takes to run a household, from cooking to laundry. Women need to learn building, general maintance of the home and outside. One never knows when the other partner will be out of commission, or no longer with them.
    Our dad and mother ingrained in my sister and I, it wasn’t a “man’s job”, or a “women’s job”, if it had to be taken care of you did it, if you need help it was a family project. We learned to raise cattle, grow gardens, can the produce, cook meals, and build fences. The knowledge our parents passed on to us is gold, and I am trying to pass it on to the nieces, and those who will take the time to learn from me. I do not claim to know everything, but what knowledge I have acquired comes from many years of experience. Grandparents, parents need to pass on their knowledge before it is completely lost to this generation and their chance for survival.