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When Sleep Refuses To Come

Unfortunately several of our family members have been plagued with sleep issues. Some of them have trouble falling asleep, some have trouble staying asleep, and some have trouble with both.

A number of these issues have been alleviated through various means, but one thing we’ve found to be particularly useful is a Melatonin supplement at bedtime.

Initially recommended by our pediatrician who uses it for her kids regularly, we tried it and fell in love.

We give our kids who have troubles sleeping 1.5mg to 3mg depending on their age. My wife and I take it periodically as well.

After dealing with these issues for a long time, this has been a huge improvement, and makes the sleep quality our kids get much higher.

What does this have to do with preps? Well, one of the main things that keeps me up at night is stress. And as I’ve mentioned many times before, stress will go through the roof when you’re in any sort of emergency situation.

Being stressed out is bad enough. Being tired and stressed out is worse. Being exhausted, stressed out, and in an emergency situation could be life threatening. Don’t underestimate your body’s need for sleep. It’s amazing how quickly sleep deprivation can affect your functioning level.

And honestly, having a little help falling asleep isn’t such a bad thing, especially if it’s something that isn’t a prescription drug or anything. Melatonin is something our body produces naturally and it doesn’t cause the same hangover or oddball effects that you get from sleeping pills like Ambien or something like that. According to our doctor and our personal experiences it isn’t habit forming either.

It’s pretty cheap stuff, so pick up a few bottles and keep them around for those nights when it’s tough to sleep.

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3 Responses to When Sleep Refuses To Come

  1. FYI

    Melatonin is a popular supplement for the sleep-deprived, namely because it carries rather innocent associations. Melatonin is “natural” and “safe” and “herbal”, right?

    Wrong. I’ve been arguing with the melatonin prophets for years because I believe the image melatonin has, and what melatonin really is, are vastly different. Like so many things that we trust in, consume or think we understand, the truth may not be what we want to believe.

    My caution with melatonin is simple: melatonin is a hormone.

    That’s right – a hormone. Like estrogen. Like testosterone. And just like taking estrogen (whether it’s Hormone Replacement Therapy or the Pill) or testosterone therapy, melatonin comes with risks. Frequent melatonin use – especially in the typical dosage of 3-6 milligrams – can trigger a bit of a vicious cycle in the brain. Supplement with melatonin regularly to get to sleep, and your body is going to produce even less, creating even greater need for the hormone. It’s not that you can’t ever take melatonin; but I think it’s important that people understand the facts.

    A caveat: While I am generally against using hormones (it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature), I am in favor of using the natural version of the hormone melatonin to “reset” the diurnal clock when traveling across time zones. Because, after all, you got there by fooling Mother Nature in the first place! Humans did not evolve a mechanism to adapt to changing time zones. Jet travel can be some of the most destructive stress you can encounter, especially the older you get.

    Read more:

    • This was a concern for us as well, and I’ve read that article (I’m generally a fan of Mark) … so we dug into it.

      We asked our doctor about that, and she investigated and talked with her colleagues … According to her, there’s no scientific evidence that melatonin supplementation causes your brain to not create more.

      The anecdotal evidence that they have from their practice is also that there’s no issues with your body not creating it if you stop supplementation.

      (BTW, I tweaked the formatting of your comment to make it clear what was you talking and what was the quote from the article…)

  2. My wife uses the melatonin and it help her a lot. I however notice that on days we spend out doors she sleeps great without anything. My 6 yr old son and I spend a lot of time out doors and we both will sleep through TEOTWAWKI. I think sunshine helps a lot with sleep. Yes we have a supply of melatonin. We like Momma happy.