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Is This How It Starts?

So I have to say that it was rather relaxing to be unplugged for a while.  I don’t think I’d want to do it for good, but it was interesting to be completely disconnected from what was going on, with nothing but a radio somewhere in a box (or a trip into town) to hear about the worlds events.

But that aside, the last couple of days have brought new challenges and dangers.  Clearly the Middle East is burning, with major risk factors at play.  Syria is a problem, Iran is a problem, and Egypt is as well.  We’ve got a carrier group heading out early, and I can only imagine what else.

Then looking at the economic issues, metals are blowing through the roof, with analyst after analyst predicting unheard of targets for gold and silver.  The “smart money” is supposedly getting out of financials and into metals and commodities.  Oh, and land … can’t forget about land.

The job numbers are worse every month.  The government hides the real numbers from us by dropping people out of the workforce if they’ve been unemployed for so long that they can’t pull a check anymore.  If you used the same labor pool participation rate that we had four or five years ago unemployment is at over 20%.  That’s the REAL number.

The landlords of the home we’re renting while we build our home on the Farm take care of all the landscape work for us.  There’s not alot, but it’s a nice touch.  I was talking to the guy who does it today, and he’s a skilled worker who is now doing odd jobs, handy man work, and labor for cash.  He’s got to have several jobs at any one time so he can make it.

My wife and I went and had lunch in town today, and walked down main street.  Our new town is Small Town USA, and has one main street where most of the shops and restaurants are.  We stopped in several shops, and ended up talking to a guy who had worked for a local mill for 20 years before they up and shut it down.  Another one bites the dust.  Now he ekes by running a kitchen supply store in a small town.

But hey, Mittens and the Republicans are on the way, they’ll save us.

Yeah right.  They’re not going to change jack, we’re still going to be pedal to the metal for the cliff.

Because at the end of the day, this isn’t a political problem.  This is a problem we have to solve.  We have to take our authority back from the banks that our government has ceded it to.  We have to decide locally what we want our lives to look like and demand that our governments, local and state, back us up.

But that won’t happen without pain.  At this point, I think it’s inevitable.

And remember … whenever there’s massive economic woes, there’s a simple way out that the Government always opts for.


Batten down those hatches.  It’s getting interesting, and not in a good way.

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