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When The States Strike Back

There’s an interesting trend going on right now … it didn’t start yesterday, but has been going on for a while.

It’s something that you won’t hear much about on the news or on TV. The media and the government don’t want you to know about it.

It’s called State Sovereignty. More and more States are beginning to reclaim the power that is Constitutionally theirs from the Federal Government.

Despite what people learn today, and what most people think, the Federal government doesn’t hold the power in this country, we do, and the individual states do. Constitutionally speaking, the power of the Feds is pretty limited.

Our country is actually not really a single entity, but is a federation (or group) of individually sovereign states. These states, through the Constitution, have delegated some of their powers to the Federal government to act externally. Things like external tariffs, common defense, etc.

The key here is to realize that the powers delegated to the Feds is HIGHLY LIMITED. Constitutionally speaking, they can’t actually do all that much. And that’s how it was for quite some time.

Now if you looked at the way our country runs today with no knowledge of what the Constitution says, you’d never guess that.

Now just because the Feds tell us that they have the authority to do what they do, and they tell us what the Constitution means, does that make it true?

If we read the (relatively simple) language that it’s written in and come to a different conclusion, does it matter?

In my mind, the powers that be can tell us whatever they think, but that doesn’t make it right. I’ve read the words, I know what they mean. And what we have today isn’t even remotely like what it should be.

While we as individuals can’t do much about it, the states have a bit more leeway here. It’s pretty easy for the black helicopters to shut us up. Not quite so easy to shut up the states.

For the last couple years we’ve seen a resurgence in states giving the Feds a virtual ‘bird’ in several areas. Prime examples are state medical marijuana laws, state laws that remove federal jurisdiction for guns that originate and stay in the state, and even laws establishing state specific currencies.

And now Utah is trying to reclaim the land in its borders. Land that’s quite rich in natural resources. An interesting thought.

Particularly considering that the Feds control a huge amount of land. What do you think would happen if more states decide to take back what’s rightfully theirs?

Bringing it back to a prepping topic, if the States continue to flex their muscles the feds will strike back with whatever methods they can. The biggest one they like to use is the wallet. If a State doesn’t play along, the Feds just withhold money.

When that happens, expect austerity like impacts to the States involved. Losing cash based entitlements, disruption in transportation systems, and potentially electrical and water supplies.

So nothing that you can’t handle if your preps are in order.

Are they?

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5 Responses to When The States Strike Back

  1. If the state government would take over and govern their own people like the nation was set up to do and the federal government would just support like they were set up to do. All kinds of problems would be solved! It would pay everyone to watch a mini serious my wife and I watched a while back titled. “John Adams”. Shows you haw things are supposed to be!

  2. your piece about the states reclaiming their authority was both accurate and encouraging. Of Course, being a Southron I would approve of it……………..Thank you…………Donald

  3. Each of us should make sure we and our spouses and our children and we should recommend to all of the people we know to read, understand, and to the best of our ability remember the United States Constitution and also the Constitution of the State that we live in. It is very interesting and it is fantastic how many times our rights are violated when we don’t speak up. The local governments even right laws to hide their violations and I am sure the Feds and some states do too. GOOD READING

  4. If every state governs its own citizens, it means we have 50 different governments to live under. No more would you have federally guaranteed voting rights, or ID that would get you a beer in another state, or the right to travel freely without official identification, i.e., papers. If you live in a conservative (red) state, no more money from more liberal (blue) states; there goes the state’s economy as it raises taxes and cuts needed services, leaving citizens without services but with a high tax burden…or the state could just go bankrupt, as Ron Paul suggests, leaving the burden, again, on taxpayers.

    It would mean that high-speed rail could get you from New York to Chicago, but from there on you’re stuck on the freeway because none of the airports between there and the coast have been maintained, and high-speed rail got banned in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. It would mean the end of the interstate highway system, because sections would close as maintenance would come to a halt without federal funds.

    No more Social Security (it’s federal). No more Medicare or Medcaid (they’re federal). No more Internet (after all, it did start as an extension of the military’s emergency communication system). No more federal dollars for tornado or flood victims.

    It would mean the fracturing of this country into 50 little fiefdoms. No more UNITED States of America, just 50 little jurisdictions free to decide your rights as they choose.

    So, yeah, let’s have 50 individual countries instead of one union. Let’s see the red states, who take in more money from the federal government than they give out, function without money from the blue states. Let’s get rid of the Union in favor of 50 different interpretations of what we used to think was the Constitution of the United States of America.