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The Self Sufficiency Series

Today I want to write about a couple books that Patrice Lewis over at the Rural Revolution blog has put together. She was kind enough to send over copies of four new booklets in her Self-Sufficiency Series.

The first two books are How-To books on canning with water bath canners and canning with pressure canners. We have first hand knowledge on both of those here, and from what I read they are spot on and completely accurate.

The third book is a companion to the fist two, and has a ton of questions that help to fill in the gaps on specific techniques, concerns, etc for canning. All in all, having read all three of these booklets, you’ll end up with a pretty good understanding of canning food at home.

If you’re looking to learn how to can, this is your answer. Pick up them both, you’ll probably want to be able to can with both methods. Add the Q&A book and you’re set.

The final book in the series is called “How to Move to the Country” and was extremely timely considering the choices we’re faced with. This was a book that I found fairly interesting and helpful, and gave us quite a bit of food for thought. If you’re considering a move out to a more rural area, I’d give this a read too.

You can find details for these books at her website here.

Now, as I like to do, we’re going to also do a giveaway. Post a comment about which book you want and why you want it, and you’ll get an entry to win one of her books. If you’ve got a blog, write a brief note about this post and Patrice’s books and send me the link for another entry!

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5 Responses to The Self Sufficiency Series

  1. Although all 4 books sound interesting I would like to get the 4th one because I have a (under 2 acre) piece of land at the edge of town I would like to market.

  2. I also would love all of them but would be most interested if i had to choose the second one for pressure canning/cooking.

  3. I have only tried dehydrating fruits and vegetables and would love the opportunity to try my hand canning,
    therefore I would like to get either of the first two books. Thanks !

  4. My family is investing heavily (time, money, effort, hopes) in gardening this year with the specific intention of preserving lots of food. My younger sibling’s medication requires a diet with essentially no processed food or food additives to be effective. (Our own little “appropriate food shortage”.) We’ll eat well this summer but have never canned and own a water bath set up, so the first book would be incredibly useful, but the pressure canning and further canning FAQS sound cool too.

    And many thanks for turning me on to Rural Revolution!