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Survival and Preparedness Podcasts That Rudy Listens To

So one of the things I do on a regular basis is listen to audio programming. Like most of you, I have quite a bit of ‘idle-busy’ time, like driving or doing physical chores and work.

Instead of filling that time with music or talk radio, I usually listen to podcasts or audio training courses. I find that it’s a great way to get new ideas and of course to learn new things.

I’m going to skip over audio training today and focus on the podcast front. There are a couple of podcasts or internet radio shows I listen to regularly that I’d like to introduce to you, in more or less random order.

Rudy’s Note: What’s a podcast? It’s basically a radio show on the internet, but you download it and listen to it on a mobile device like an iPod or Zune or some other MP3 Player. You can either download them manually or use software to do it.

With some podcasts, you can listen to them at the main website as well, but I like them because they’re mobile. I put them on my iPod and listen to them when I’m driving, mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, or whatever. Extremely convenient!

The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast is a daily show done by Jack Spirko that is an hour long and covers a broad variety of survival and preparedness topics. He does two listener driven shows a week, with the other three being topic oriented.

I find his listener shows to be particularly interesting. Once a week he reads listener email questions, and on his other show he plays recorded phone questions (he has a call-in number where you can leave a question on the voice mail). These are pretty interesting because there is such a broad variety of questions.

That’s not to say that his other stuff is boring. Far from it. He keeps things different and I get value out of pretty much every episode. He does repeat topics from time to time, but honestly I didn’t really notice until I made a point to go back into his archive to listen to some of his older stuff.

On a personal level I can relate to Jack and his views on things fairly closely. I also feel somewhat inspired by him and how he has shared the evolution of his podcast with everyone who listens. This is a guy who started recording a podcast on his daily commute to a regular job and is now doing his podcast as a full time venture. He and his wife are moving to their retreat in Arkansas right now as a direct result of reaching financial freedom through his efforts.

I listen to The Survival Podcast daily on my way to work in the morning. I highly recommend that you take the time to check it out, and don’t forget to poke through the archived shows!

The Voice of Galt

The Voice of Galt is a daily show by a guy in Florida who goes by the name of John Galt. He does a two hour show Monday through Friday that covers the financial markets, current events, and a variety of other topics.

His shows usually have a similar format with the first half hour to an hour being about current events in general and the financial markets of the world, with the second hour being more topic driven. Every Friday he does a ‘Survival Hour’ in the second hour which I enjoy in particular.

Unlike The Survival Podcast, this show is not prerecorded and is 100% live. This makes for some fun times occasionally, and it allows you to call in to tal kto John, or even talk to him in the shows chat room.

The Voice of Galt is a part of a larger network called ‘The Watchmen’ which has shows seven days a week. Their website has a full lineup of their shows, though I must admit I haven’t really branched out beyond John’s show.

John has a blog called Shenandoah which is linked from my blogroll page as well. It’s a daily read for me and it should be for you too. One thing I do want to point out is his story ‘The Day The Dollar Died’ … it’s a great story and I recommend you all take the time to read it and think about what he says.

I listen to The Voice of Galt daily on my way home from work in the evening. Definitely take the time to check it out and don’t forget to read ‘The Day The Dollar Died’ too!

Preparedness Radio Network

Most survival and preparedness aficionados have heard of James Talmage Stevens, aka Doctor Prepper. He’s the author of Making the Best of Basics, which is now in its 12th edition. Well, he runs a full on network of podcasts called the Preparedness Radio Network.

One thing that I like about this network is the motto of “No Doom, No Gloom, No Politics, No Religion, and No Bull!” which is refreshing. I get plenty of that stuff in daily life, and these shows provide a good oasis from the panic mentality that pervades modern life.

There are some great shows on this network, and I certainly don’t have time to go over them all, and honestly I don’t listen to them all. A few of the key shows I listen to though are as follows.

The Doctor Prepper Show

This is James T. Stevens’ show, which is always a good listen. He usually does at least one guest hour, and I get exposed to a ton of people and views that I normally wouldn’t find. I get the most out of the guest interviews, and I highly recommend the show.

It’s a two hour show. I’m not 100% sure on the schedule, but I think it’s M-F. The website is a bit confusing so I have iTunes download the show and put it on my iPod automatically. The show is hosted by Blog Talk Radio which has some funky feed stuff going on from time to time. But it’s well worth it!

James also does an ‘Old Time Radio’ show which is great fun. I won’t ruin it here, but look out for it and take a listen. If you’re an afficiando of old time radio, you can’t go wrong here.

The Preparedness Pro Radio Show

This is a two hour show every Saturday done by Kellene Bishop from The Preparedness Pro. I don’t listen to every episode since she covers some things I’m just not interested in, but she often covers some really good stuff. I find that I’m constantly writing stuff down in my ‘Look Into It’ list when I listen to her show.

My favorite show of all was one she did with her husband where they talked about some of the complete misconceptions we all have about what is legal and what is not. He has some really in depth knowledge of the law and I learned quite a few things!

The Berkey Guy Show

Definitely my favorite show on PRN, Jeff Gleason from Directive 21, AKA ‘The Berkey Guy’ does an hour every Tuesday evening. He covers all sorts of stuff, primarily around water storage, water filtration, and every so often he has a guest appear.

The first time I listened to his show, Jeff was sharing some of his business related successes, and I felt incredibly inspired by that show. I have been struggling, and still do, with some of the things he talked about, and listening to his show helped give me a nudge to bring my current venture fully to life.

I had Jeff lined up to do an interview for the blog before Christmas but I had to cancel. I really hope to get that done soon. In the mean time, definitely check out his show. He has a handy dandy list of the shows he’s done on his website here.

Other Shows

Like I said, there’s a TON of other shows on the Preparedness Radio Network, and you should check them all out at least once if you can. There’s pretty much something for just about everyone there!

The Market Ticker

This is a weekly show, done live on Mondays, by Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker blog. Karl is one of the more colorful characters in the financial blogging world, and his analysis is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the financial markets.

Karl does his radio show primarily as an extension of his website, and since it’s a live show you’ll usually hear a couple of callers asking him questions on the air. He covers some of the major topics of the week, and is pretty straight forward and to the point.

Not everyone agrees with Karl, and he doesn’t agree with everyone, but he backs up his opinions with facts and numbers. This is great because you can draw your own conclusions. There are quite a few things that I disagree with him on, but there’s just as many things that I agree completely with him on.

His show is a weekly listen for me, and I read his website daily. You should absolutely read The Market Ticker regularly, even if you don’t do the whole podcast thing.

The Got Prep Podcast

The Got Prep Podcast by Josh Robbs is a fairly new one, and I found out about it because he entered one of my contests! I figured I owed it to him to check out his show, and I’m glad I did. I listened to pretty much every episode he had out to date when we headed east for the holidays!

Josh is still getting into the swing of things, it seems, because he doesn’t have a regular podcasting schedule. But his information is good, and as a young guy who is (I think) active duty in the Army, he provides an interesting perspective on stuff that you don’t always get from other places.

The audio quality is a bit rough around the edges at times, and sometimes it seems like Josh isn’t 100% comfortable behind the microphone, but I think that this is pretty normal for new podcasts. I will tell you that the difference between his first couple episodes and the last few is pretty substantial though as he gets more comfortable with talking into a microphone.

I usually listen to the Got Prep Podcast in the evenings during downtime. Please check it out … I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s it for now. Like I said in my goals post, I may be starting a podcast this year, and if I do I hope you all listen. But until then, please check out the shows I’ve introduced to you here, and if you like them, make them a regular part of your life.

Important! Keep in mind that everyone I talk to here is just one person.  Most of them have fairly informed opinions, but they don’t all have the same views and opinions.  In some cases, you can get opinions that are completely the opposite.  It is vital that you listen to what people say on podcasts or on blogs with a critical ear, and don’t just believe what they say.

Learn, get facts from various sources, and form your own opinions.  Don’t be a robot and just blindly follow the opinions of others.  Use what they say to help refine your own opinions and beliefs one way or another.  And yes, that goes for my opinions too!

Don’t forget to leave a comment here and let me know how you like them, and if you’re a podcaster and would like me to check it out, send me an email or even better yet, leave a comment with the link!

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  1. Thats what I do when I mow. I place the earbuds under my hearing protectors and listen to the weekly podcast