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Technology and Preparedness – Friends or Foes?

There’s a tendency among many folks in the preparedness community to eschew technology and technological solutions in their preps.  This is generally because of the theory that “It wont work anyways with the SHTF, so don’t use it!”

For better or worse, that theory is often due to the mindset that prepping is all about dealing with Doomsday.  Just like the folks they show on Doomsday Preppers who are inevitably preparing for some Mad Max scenario or a Rawlesian’Without Rule Of Law’ scenario.

But as I’ve said on many occasions, those massive impact scenarios aren’t all that likely to occur.  And with all of the other impacts that could hit your life technology wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

See, one of the things that we do well as people is constantly innovate and increase our levels of knowledge.  The wheelbarrow was a fantastic innovation, just like the microchip was.

Technology is simply there to make our lives easier.  Can it be abused?  Sure … look at all the cameras around or the TSA NudeScanners ™ … but that doesn’t make technology innately evil or something we shouldn’t use.

I keep prepping inventories and lists on the computer.  Is that bad?  What about an EMP?  It’d all be gone in a heartbeat!

That’s fine.  I’m a smart prepper and I keep redundant copies of the data electronically, as well as in hard copy.  If the grid goes down and never comes back, I’m good with that stuff.

One example out of thousands.  Yet how many folks will look at storing data on a flash drive and think that it’s a stupid idea?

Or what about a Kindle?  I’ve written about it before .. you can store literally thousands of books on them, and the battery lasts forever.  Recharge it with a flexible solar panel.  Done deal.

You can even EMP proof it easily enough, and carry it with you if you need to go.  Try doing that with a library of thousands of books.

I’ve got a side project I’ve been working on that uses small microcontrollers to control every aspect of a garden, from watering to greenhouse ventilation and everything in between.  Since it’s full of microchips, should I use it?

Remember, technology is there to make your life easier.  Embrace it.  Use it.  Have backups for it, just like you do in other parts of y our life.

But don’t forego something in your preps because it’s too ‘high tech’ … To do that is to put yourself at a significant disadvantage.

Some people win millions by betting on 00.  That doesn’t make it a good bet.  So don’t bet on a grid down EMP or whatever that will make all tech useless.

Take advantage of it.  Use it to save time and effort.  That you can then spend on other things.

That’s why it’s there.

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One Response to Technology and Preparedness – Friends or Foes?

  1. Did you know that you can download Wikipedia? That’s right. The largest encyclopedia on the planet is downloadable in a searchable format and can be stored on your PC or even a flash drive. Better yet, purchase a cheap e-reader and upload wikipedia to it! In a situation where the internet wasn’t available for long periods you’d have access to information on just about any subject. THAT is why technology is cool.