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And The Season Turns…

So in the area we now live in, Northeastern Washington State, we’ve discovered new (to us) weather patterns.  For the last month that we’ve been here, lows have been around 40-50, and highs around 85-90.  Makes for a pretty hefty swing.

Well, that all changed this week.  On Monday, the high temperature was only 70.  Now 70 was a great temperature for us back in Seattle, but I digress.  We’re now looking at a month of lows between 25 and 35 with highs averaging around 55-60.  And I’m guessing it’s not going to get much warmer for the next several months.

It was amazing how quickly the weather turned cold.  Wasn’t something that we expected and it caught us by surprise … mentally anyways.  We had wood, etc, so kicking on the stoves was a pretty easy thing.

In any case, this is a perfect example of what I’ve talked about before, normalcy bias.  See, back in Seattle, we’d go for weeks with a daily temperature fluctuation of 10 degrees.  And the temperatures dropping off a cliff was pretty much unheard of.

It was amusing to see swings during the day here of 50 degrees or more, but what we didn’t really expect was to go from Indian Summer to Here Comes Old Man Winter overnight.  Academically we knew it could happen, but it wasn’t expected.  It wasn’t something that fit with our experiences over the last however many years.

The whole idea of not really thinking something can happen because it never has is prevalent throughout human thought.  It’s a natural thing, and something we must guard against.

Anyhow, that wasn’t really what I was writing about tonight, it’s just an aside.

If we’re getting down the line towards winter, I’m guessing you are too.  So that means it’s time to look and see if you’re ready for winter.

Got your heat?  What about redundancy for it?

How about your food and water stores?  Up to par?

If you get snow during the winter, are your vehicles ready for it?  You may not put snow tires on yet, but do you have a plan for it?

What about your vehicle Get Home Bags?  Are they modified for winter?

And the list goes on…

The point is, now is a good time to take stock of where you’re at.  Winter can be a harsh season for some of us, and it behooves us to make sure we’re ready for it.

Care to share what you do special for winter time prepping?

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