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The Zombies Are Coming! Are You Ready?

633639440453709728-lotsogunsNo, not real zombies.  Despite my obsession with the shambling hordes I don’t actually believe that zombies will show up.  However zombies make a nice drop in replacement for roving gangs, violent thugs, and all sorts of things that you may need to protect yourself from.  And you as a parent have a solemn and moral duty to protect your children and other loved ones from danger, even zombies.

The Survival Armory

There are several key components to a properly outfitted survival armory.  I use the term survival armory because while for the most part you won’t ever need to use or carry most of your weaponry on a daily basis, most of these are there for one reason:  as a tool to protect you, your loved ones, and the things that you need to survive (aka your preps).

That’s not to say that I don’t believe that you should carry a concealed weapon during your daily life if permits are available where you live.  On the contrary, I believe that everyone should strongly consider getting the appropriate training and carry the tools you may need to use to protect yourself and those who depend upon you.

Rudy’s Advice: If possible I would recommend obtaining a concealed carry permit even if you don’t intend to carry on a regular basis.  It makes logistics easier when going to the range, when buying firearms, and is a good thing to have ‘just in case’.

The properly outfitted survival armory is NOT limited to just firearms, despite what you might think at first glance.  There are a number of key components to your defensive preps that I’ll go over at a high level in this post.  Over the next couple days and weeks I’ll take each component and flesh it out into more detail and make specific recommendations from my personal experience.

A Secure Amory is a Safe Armory

safesThis is a family oriented site and safety is a huge concern.  The security of your armory is the most important aspect of this preparation area!  It’s critical that dangerous items are kept safely locked up so that adults are the only ones who have access to them.

When children are at an appropriate age both physically and mentally then they should be trained in the use of various defensive items and at some point later on older children should be granted access to defensive items they are allowed to handle without supervision.

Be intelligent here and above all think safety.  Don’t forget to consider visitors and children that aren’t yours when planning on how to secure your armory.  When I drill down into details I’ll talk about my opinions on how each type of item should be secured.

Rudy’s Tip: I glossed over it above, but I want to really point out that you should not only consider the age of your child but also the mental maturity that child shows when deciding when to train a child how to use tools from your armory.  Every child is different and an arbitrary age number should not be the deciding factor here.

Emergency Lighting

The first thing you should consider in your armory is emergency lighting.  Ideally you should already have general use lighting such as candles, lanterns, and flashlights.  You should have a high powered spot light, several bright flashlights, and ideally a few hat mounted LED lights.  These items should be kept separate from your general use emergency lighting and are only to be used in case of a defensive emergency.

Non Lethal Weapons

Like the title says, this part of your armory is all about weapons that are generally considered non lethal.  Pepper spray, batons, tasers, and so on are the types of things that you’re considering here.  These are things that you should be carrying with you at all times when you are outside of the home and you should consider keeping them handy when you are home.  Generally speaking the only time these non lethal options are on the shelf is if they’re a spare or if it is inappropriate or inadvisable to carry them on your person.


Everyone should have several utility knives and generally speaking everyone should carry at least one whenever possible.  There are a ton of reasons why that I’ll go into when I drill down into detail, but for the time being, think several knives for various purposes.  I personally lean towards folders that you can get at any sporting goods store.  Don’t forget your sharpening kits!

Firearms and Ammunition

IncaseofZombiesBreakGlassThis is obviously what you think about when you hear the word Armory.  But as you can see from the rest of this post guns are just one part of the greater whole.  You need to consider a variety of different firearms and the ammunition to go with them.

I’ll talk specifics in the detail drill downs, but I’ll be going over my thoughts on defensive,  general purpose, and hunting weaponry. I’ll discuss both hand guns and long guns and my thoughts on ammunition requirements.

Wrapping it up

This is a contentious subject sometimes.  But I don’t want you to stick your head in the sand and ignore it because it’s scary or intimidating.  You must consider how you will defend you and yours if worse comes to worst.

Always remember that it’s obvious that life and limb are worth protecting but in a survival situation your preps are critical to survival and losing those can be a death sentence.

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7 Responses to The Zombies Are Coming! Are You Ready?

  1. No flamethrower? : ( ‘Course, if one was downwind from a zombie, that could be…uh….smelly.

    Seriously, have weapon-related [as in how to pick the best one for you, safety, etc.] sites you can recommend?

    • As I go into detail on specific categories I’ll talk about selection, recommendations, and will provide links to sites where you can get more information.
      And, of course, I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have either in the comments or in email.

  2. Funny how Americans are so afraid of the world that has grown to hate us, so carry a weapon in your pocket because that grandmother over there could have a concealed knife in her sock.

    • .

      Dear Mister Superskrull,

      Your comment is snarky and ignorant. If Aunt Bee over there is packin’ a .38, that’s okay. The threat in question is the 3-time rapists murderers and robbers lurking around society and even your own neighborhood.

      And if the rest of the world hates us, that’s okay. I. Don’t. Care.

      We Americans like our peace and quiet to pursue our Happiness and Liberty. Regrettably, sometimes we need to eliminate the sources of hate and discontent that threaten hearth and home.

      If you don’t like it….. get out.


  3. Yeah for posting about non-firearms!

    Don’t forget the most important element in your armory (or any prep); a fit and healthy well trained YOU!