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Three Things You Must Consider For Your Preps

We all know that the economic climate around the world is pretty awful. The job situation still sucks, stock markets world wide are collapsing, and the outlook isn’t getting better. In fact, it’s getting worse.

Right now it looks like we may be on the edge of another major credit crunch. Financial companies are dropping like a rock.

Morgan Stanley? Down 8% today.

Bank of America? Down 8.5% today.

Citibank? Try 9.5% on for size.

So what happens if this goes over the cliff? Interbank credit is frozen, because no bank will take the risk of lending their capital to another bank. This cascades down to consumer and business credit. Bottom line, the cash supply goes way down … and the economy freezes.

There’s three things I think are important right now. None of this is new, but you should think about where you’re at here and decide appropriately.

Buy Metals

Specifically, silver. You should probably have bought a bunch already, but now is a good time to buy more, I think. If you take a look at the technical chart below, you’ll see that the $30/oz mark is a darn good stopping point for the current retraction.

I’m guessing that it probably won’t go too much lower and will either stabilize at $30 or start heading back up. I’m buying. You should think about it too.

Stash Cash

You should have a stash of cash around the house, as well as in your bug out bag(s). How much you need is up to you, but at minimum several hundred dollars in smaller bills (20s, 10s, 5s) to start with.

It’s entirely possible for there to be a run on a bank, for ATMs to be unavailable on a weekend, or some similar issue to impact your access to cash that’s held in your bank account.

Secure Water

We all know the drill. We can survive for weeks without food, but not that long without water. So make sure that you have a solid water supply, water storage, and a way to purify water.

In particular, having water filtration is key. That was driven home in a particularly amusing way a few days ago when my wife and I were watching ‘I Caveman’ on the Discovery channel. Watching them try to purify water was pretty disturbing.

So make sure you have good solid water filtration capabilities. Finding water is often easy, while finding drinkable water isn’t. As always, I recommend a Berkey filter. But you don’t need the giant ones, the smaller ones are just fine. Don’t be swayed by the large capacity tanks and high filter rates.

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4 Responses to Three Things You Must Consider For Your Preps

  1. I’ with you on silver. Bought some extra recently with the dip in price. Also bought some of the smaller size gold coins (1/10th and 1/24th oz) with dip in gold. I use APMEX, good prices, quick shipping.
    On water, aside from filtration, do you have a recommendation on atype of tablet purifier? What are your thoughts on a DIY solar panel system. I’ve gotten some ‘how to’ info but haven’t started gathering supplies. My biggest concern/question relates to baterries-type/how many9 I save all your articles for reference at later time. Keep up the great work. You are a very big help in getting ready for the ‘day’. Let me know what you think about my questions?c russ

    • No specific recommendation on tablet purifiers. I have some that I picked up at the sporting goods store in my bag, but I also carry a filter.

      For your solar questions, send me an email with them so I can answer in more detail!

    • For water, Polar Pure. For batteries, iron-nickel in a 36 volt setup in case you need to weld, as many as you can afford. Not cheap!

  2. I too see the sense of Silver above Gold, (especially due to my experiences in S. am., (over 12 years, and 6 Countries). Gold tends to be a bit too pricy — or valuable — for common exchanges, or daily usage. (By the time we’ll NEED these Metals, their value will be enormously increased, so that, VERY possibly, an Oz. of Gold will be equivalent value to, LITERALLY, purchase a family’s store, house & vehicle…when, all you need is a loaf of bread.

    On the other hand, the balance is: You can’t EAT Metals…so, utilizing your cash at present, to purchase items that you’ll NEED DESPERATELY latter, is the fine balance.

    Get Metals…but…get FOOD, WATER, Gas, Candles, Blackout material, duct tape, charcoal, and, the proper guns & ammo, now, with your fiat funds, and purchase Metals in minor units (1/4 Pesos, or Eagles, or Kugarrands), And PRE ’67 Silver dimes and Quarters will be VERY useful too.

    As for the Purifier system: I have several friends who’re DEEPLY studied in the Natural medicines. (My wife and I sell 4 Natural ESSENTAL OIL medicinal products, and are knowledgeable to a degree, as to the multitude of protection, healing, and healthiness possibilities provided by /herbal products. /one such product is BIOSILVER. Actually, (Silver Metal {such as a Silver Dollar}, WILL purify water, but it takes several days to do so).

    Back in the day, they would drop a couple of Silver dollars into their water cask, and leve’em there…and the water was purely detoxified by the Silver! So, there’s another use for Silver! But! Anyway, the BIOSILVER is potent enough, that it only takes about 2 drops to detoxify a 12 Oz. glass of muddy water!

    Do a Google search on “Biosilver products”, and “natural medicinal water purifiers”. They’re out ther, and you can even get small systems that “filter” ANY thing you want out of water — Google search “Water Filters” also.

    I have a friend that’s used it for years, and it REALLY works. It IS a bit pricy…but…do you want to live, or be rich until the Fiat flops? As you realize, your family’s lives will depend upon your ability to provide them food, water, shelter, and protection, in the days ahead…so…don’t bicker to much over price…just thoroughly research both of these subjects, and choose.

    Actually, I advise that EVERY one of your “BOBs” should have BOTH if possible. I’ve spent PLENTY of time out in the Boonies, and can assure you that you’ll need’em…but…that’s ALL I’ll tell you. You do your OWN hard work of researching, and I know you’ll come up with the best for you and yours — or — you wouldn’t even BE here. Good hunting, and god Bless!.