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It’s Time for GMO Labels

I was pretty interested to see that California had a proposition this fall to require food that contains GMO ingredients to be labeled as such.

Unfortunately Monsanto & Co spent 40+ million Dollars to defeat it, and they did.

My personal opinion is that genetically modified foods are a major danger to our health as well as the integrity of the food we produce.

Despite what the GMO companies claim, they haven’t been tested well, and negative tests have been hidden.

In fact, country after country is banning the importation and sale of GMO foods and seed stock.

I don’t want to go into an anti GMO rant here.  There’s plenty of other places you can hear about it.  This is a good summary.

But it doesn’t matter whether you think they’re a problem or not.  You should demand to know what’s in your food.

It’s impossible to make informed choices if you don’t have the right information.

There’s a reason why we have detailed nutritional content on food labels.  It’s important.

Yet Big Ag like Monsanto doesn’t want you to know what’s GMO and what isn’t.

I think it’s safe to say that they know they’d sell far less if folks actually knew that they were eating corn that had been spliced with fish genes, for example.


So it’s time we demand disclosure on GMO ingredients in our food.

Now I don’t think this is something that belongs at the national level.  This is absolutely a State level issue.  Besides, it’s not like the Feds would do anything about it, not with Monsanto and Friends having a revolving door between themselves and Government.

But every one of us can support the movements towards GMO labeling across the country.  They may have beaten it in California, but with 30 or so States considering similar requirements, it’s just a matter of time.

In closing, if you’re in Washington State, please check out … my wife and I signed their petition.  Please go find one and sign it.

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2 Responses to It’s Time for GMO Labels

  1. Signed the petition last week.
    Big Ag Doesn’t want us to know if our meat is cloned or food is GMO. They know that if it were labeled as such a large percent of consumers would refuse to purchase. We are what we eat.

  2. I was one that voted againist the GMO labeling going into effect. It had to do with (1)the way the bill was written (2) loss of small farmers being able to grow and sell their products. Just because it looked great on the outside(proposition), the inside of the bill was control-control-control. Personally we are fighting enough Agenda 21 garbage in the state of California coming at us many different ways, and this was just another disguised control over the consumer.

    Please be careful it might appear wonderful, but not when you read the fine print! Like you we want the same quaility I grew up with as a kid, but my dad raised that food. We did not rely on the “grocery store” for our vegetables, even the private farmers grew high quality vegetables without the “big companies” control. That came along when they(ADM, Monsanto,etc) decided that with the government control they could restrict the content of seeds. Who should the comsumer blame, start with their local representatives to the state, and then federal control for all the perks that they took from these companies.