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Times, They Are Changing All Over

I’ve had quite a few interesting conversations lately. Folks that you wouldn’t expect it from are starting to talk fairly openly about how broken the system is.

Suddenly having a garden is in again. People are starting to recognize what’s going on in the modern food systems and are beginning to take steps to solidify their personal food supply.

Not only are people having their own gardens, but they’re seeking out quality food from local growers, buying into CSAs, and other ways of avoiding major food companies.

Other classicly homestead style skills are experiencing a major resurgence in cities and suburbs all over the place. Things like raising chickens, keeping bees, or even as simple as canning are everywhere you look.

As crime rises throughout the cities and suburbs, people who never worried about it before are recognizing the need for protecting themselves. Firearms sales are booming.

People recognize that the economic system that we’re saddled with right now can’t survive. They know that it’s a big house of cards. Most of them can’t accept it, but if you dig into it with them, they know.

Now is the time to get out of your shell. Talk to people. Teach them. Even if you don’t know much, if you know more than they do, share what you can.

Influence people with actions, not words. Influence them by teaching them how to do things, how to be self reliant, how to reduce their depencencies on handouts from the government and from corporate interests.

See, like I’ve said before, you can’t go it alone. You need to have people nearby that you know, and have relationships with. And these folks need to have skills, and in some cases that means you may have to teach them.

Build community. You’re gonna need it.

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2 Responses to Times, They Are Changing All Over

  1. Very well put! Although I have a group for survival situations, they are not as local as I’d like. In a true SHTF scenario where I might be stranded at home or leaving on foot, I have no support system in place. I’ve reached out to a couple neighbors who just don’t prep. Most of my neighborhood is rental properties, so somewhat transient. These people will likely leave when it gets bad to join family at privately owned locations. I am, however, going to have to reach out and meet more people within a few blocks of home. I need a very local group who are like-minded. Any suggestions for encouraging others and setting up a group without showing all my preps and jeopardizing my family’s security?

  2. I always come back to wondering what kind of network someone will have built up if they intend to bug out. Unless you’re going home (as in hometown) or to stay with family that is very plugged into the community and can ease your transition…you’re going to be a refugee.

    Granted, there are times when bugging out is necessary (hurricanes & wildfires come to mind) but if your TEOTWAWKI plans include bugging out then make sure you have a network that will support you when you arrive. Don’t be a refugee!