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Todays Featured Post: Are Preppers Crazy or is it Crazy Not to Prep?

Try to avoid being like this guy!
Try to avoid being like this guy!

Sorry that today’s featured article is running late … it’s been a busy day at work and I didn’t have time to kick back and write this up!  Anyhow, today I’m featuring a post called Are Preppers Crazy or is it Crazy Not to Prep?

In this post the Survival Mom talks a bit about the oh so common reaction we get nowadays when we approach preparedness topics with friends, relatives, and people we come into contact with.

What I think this post touches on is the fact that it is natural for us to get that sort of reaction from those around us any time we do anything that is out of the ordinary.  If you don’t fit the mold that people expect you to fit in it seriously messes with their percieved reality.  It sounds hokey but it’s true!  We tend to lock onto one way of thinking and any time that dogma is challenged we go into porcupine mode.

It’s important to avoid locking yourself into this kind of mentality.  I know it’s not exactly what The Survival Mom was talking about, but I think that we as preppers are just as likely to fall into the dogma trap as anyone else.

It’s important to recognize that, avoid if possible, and fix it if you find yourself back in that mind set.  It isn’t healthy and it will give you tunnel vision.  You’ll miss things that are important and while it may not be lethal it’s definitely not for the better.

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