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Todays Featured Post: Divide and Conquer Your Clutter


Today’s featured post is from the Survival Mom and is called Divide and Conquer Your Clutter. It has some great tips on dealing with the clutter and detritus of life.

We occasionally suffer from excess clutter as well!  With as many kids as we have things quickly pile up between little rinky dink toys, school papers and projects, and the like.  Add to that a bit of a natural accumulation tendency I have and we’re lucky to have a clean garage at all!  Thanks to my wife’s hard work, we manage to stay above ground though.

Go read the post and tell Survival Mom what you think!  And remember, you don’t want to be a hoarder.  If in doubt, watch one of the A&E shows and it’ll cure you for life!

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One Response to Todays Featured Post: Divide and Conquer Your Clutter

  1. That pic could be my daughter’s bedroom! She’s a natural packrat, and it’s been the biggest challenge to teach her that less is more!