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Todays Featured Post: Is Your Spouse Survival Minded or a Skeptic?

couplebeach - sdillulo@flickrToday as the final featured post from The Survival Mom, I want you to go read Is Your Spouse Survival Minded or a Skeptic? and share your thoughts.  She approaches the topic in a clear fashion, though of course from a woman’s point of view.  She has a number of good suggestions on how to coax a reluctant spouse along which I found to be pretty valuable.

I’m grateful that while my wife may not necessarily be as hardcore about preparedness as I am she certainly puts up with me and is supportive.  She recognizes that there is a necessity and while she depends on my interpretation of events to an extent, she certainly doesn’t have her head in the sand.  She DOES have her hands full staying home with all of our kids though!

I don’t know what I’d do if my wife and I weren’t in such a lockstep partnership and as well aligned as we are.  I can see how that would be pretty darn difficult to deal with.  We’re certainly two different people who have dramatically different styles but at the end of the day we are husband and wife who have the same major goals in life.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I am truly blessed.

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