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Todays Featured Post: Oblivion, the 51st State

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Today’s featured post is called Oblivion, the 51st State.  This post is a good look into the mindset of your average person who doesn’t see any reason to prepare.  The Survival Mom talks about an interview she recently did with Newsweek, in particular a question that uncovered the fact that she doesn’t share her prepper focus with anyone.

She then shares some ways to gently encourage people to get prepared and some common sense baby steps to begin prepping without coming across as nuts.  Never a good thing!

I felt this post really hit home as I see day in and day out a mindset that nothing can happen to me and if it does, Uncle Sam or God will take care of me.  That mindset is baffling to me and I have a hard time taking people seriously that believe that way.  That said, this mentality is so prevalent that even in my extended family there are a few folks that feel this way

Go read the post and share your thoughts on it!

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