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A Trauma Pack That Fits In Your Pocket

I saw this post from Kit Up! about a trauma pack that fits into a cargo pocket.  It’s called the Trauma Readiness Pack by Extreme Shock Ammo, and has just about everything you need to treat major trauma (think gunshot wounds or major homestead accidents).

From their website:

The TRP is an emergency care pack that offers far more than the traditional first aid kit. The TRP includes one 3.5×3.5” 25 g. NTOA approved QuikClot first response hemostatic sponge, one latex-free 18×1” tourniquet, one 2” latex-free compression wrap, one 18” red trauma tape strip and one 5×9” sterile trauma pad. These components are recommended by physicians and first response personnel and can help save a life if a traumatic injury occurs.

The package itself is vacuum-sealed and features a sure grip texture to improve handling and offer easy-open access even in dark and/or wet conditions. The package is airtight, sterile, waterproof, non-reflective, compact, soft and silent.

This is a no brainer to have around, and you should consider putting them in your vehicles, bug out bags, and bathroom medicine cabinets!  I’d link to the product website but it’s not working right now.  When it comes back up I’ll update the post!

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