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Trees, Trees, Glorious Trees

So enough of all the heavy stuff for this week, let’s talk about something a little lighter.

This winter we’re going to be planning out more of our site at the new property.  Deciding where to put trees, gardens, buildings, etc.

One thing I want to do is get some trees in as early as possible next year.  But not just fruit trees.  We’re also looking at general shade trees, and other interesting trees.

Certainly we’ll be adding more fruit trees.  We have an existing orchard near my parent’s place, but I think that planting lots of good fruit bearing trees is a wise idea, so we’re going to be getting more and putting them in near our place.

Nut trees are also a consideration.  We love nuts, and having them readily available eventually would be fantastic.

We also are going to put in some willow trees.  My lovely wife absolutely adores willow trees, and has requested at least one.  I think we’ll put in several.

I also plan to put in a bunch of maple trees.  They grow all over in town, but we only have a couple on the property.  This needs to be remedied.

The main reason to put them in is because we like them.  I have many fond memories of climbing in giant maples as a child, and they’re gorgeous trees in the summer and fall.  A secondary reason is to be able to play around with making maple syrup.  For that to work, we need to plant certain types of maple.  I haven’t worked out which ones will work for us quite yet.

I also want to put in a few stands of oak trees.  Again, we love them, and the acorns they drop will be good food for deer and other animals.  Having a built in feed lot for wildlife is a great thing.  As a woodworker, having oak on the property might be pretty interesting when my kids are my age…

It’s one thing to just plant trees, but another thing alltogether to have a coherent system.  So along with these trees will come bushes and shrubs that will mostly be fruit or nut bearers.  Providing comprehensive habitat and avoiding monoculture is a pretty good idea.

Anyhow, that’s a quick brain dump on some of our plans for next year … more later!

Have a great weekend, folks…

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3 Responses to Trees, Trees, Glorious Trees

  1. when we got our 6 acres my wife wanted a weeping willow also, she loves them so we gave $20 to lowes for one

    a couple years later I realized willows are one of the easiest plants to propogate, just cut off a branch, stick it in the ground (or bucket of water) and it will grow into another tree.

    if anybody is on a budget and wants a willow that’s how they won’t cost you a nickel, just find one and take a cutting, you can get 1 or hundreds this way

    i also plant trees with fuel/utility in mind like building supplies/fence posts/ etc and plant some locust/hickory/hedgeapple etc for stuff like that

  2. Some fruit trees take 4-7 years to become fruitful. I made the mistake of buying a lot of bareroot trees and , eight years later I am still waiting. Some of the older trees we purchased were fruitful in just a couple of seasons. Also, with every deer pruning trees may get stunted and susceptible to disease. Cage them or lose them!
    Consider your fruiting shrubs now, too. These can also take years to mature. Have fun!

    • Mature trees are a requirement. Well worth the money.

      Buying some bareroot is good to get a staggered orchard, but mature trees are the way to go for quick production.