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Tell The Truth, Get Fired.

Family work day today, so I’m going to simply link to a video clip of Judge Napolitano.

After this clip happened, he got canned. Go figure.

Take the five minutes and watch this. Then let me know what you think of the state of political discourse in this country.

Have a good weekend, folks.

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4 Responses to Tell The Truth, Get Fired.

  1. I don’t see where he got fired for what he said. I loved watching his program, and almost always agreed with his point of view. I saw your post and was getting ready to fire off a angry blast to FOX, when I stopped for a moment and researched this as this story was news to me. I found a letter posted from Judge Napolitano which he states please stop writing FOX on this matter.

    • There’s the public story, and if you care to believe it, go for it.

      There’s no way Judge N would say anything other than what you indicate. He’s a stand up guy.

  2. WHAT IF…………we just keep prepping, keep one step ahead of BIG BROTHER, and keep following our conscience. We will survive because WE CAN. I was taught “right is right if nobody does it and wrong is wrong if everybody does it”.