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An Update From The Homestead

build-house-jstephenconn@flickrSo, lots of changes and updates over the last couple days.  A few decisions, and lots of fun.

As I’ve said before, we hope to build a house on our property this year.  A few weeks ago we finalized the plans for said house and today I got the last quotes for the actual construction of the thing.

We’re trying to avoid taking any debt on this one, which will be quite a stretch.  Which also means we probably won’t finish this year.

However the numbers for getting at least the shell done came back pretty reasonable and within reach.  A stretching reach, but within reach.

Things are looking up.  I’ll need to generate some more cash, but that’s doable.

On the gardening front, I’ve found a source of reasonably cheap cedar boards so we can make some decent garden beds.  They won’t be permanent  so this is a perfect solution.  We’ll probably still put some in both here at the rental and at our property.

Apparently vegetable and herb starts sell extremely well around here at the various farmers markets, so my wife and I decided we’ll probably start extra plants and sell whatever we don’t need.  So that’ll help out as well.

Finally, we decided that we’re going to go ahead with the plan of getting the orchard started.  We’ve got one going over by my parent’s place already, but we’d like to have some at our place.

Ideally we’d like to put in more mature trees, instead of small bare root trees.  I’m still looking for a good source for those.  Folks like Raintree don’t carry more mature trees.  If you have a good source for them, do let me know.

All in all, it’s good to have some specific milestones to work towards.  Despite the uncertainty we face as a country, this year is looking up.

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2 Responses to An Update From The Homestead

  1. I live in Florida but have found most of my fruit and nut trees on My local Craigslist under farm and garden.