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An Update, A Project, And Two Products!

thinkingToday’s a bit of a light day, and I’m going to avoid going into some of the heavy stuff that’s on my mind, and doubtlessly on yours as well.

So first I want to tell you about what I’ve decided on regarding posting habits.  In all honesty, the daily posting is quite a bit of work.  Especially since I am not one of those guys who is reposting stuff others write every day or posting nothing but 50 word articles that are basically pointing you to another website.

There’s nothing wrong with those sites, but that’s not the kind of stuff I do here.  I read plenty of sites that do, and I’m sure you do.

But anyhow, daily posts can be a pretty hefty load.  And since I do my posting at night when everyone’s in bed, I tend to stay up until the wee hours of the night.  And my lovely and patient wife isn’t a huge fan of this situation.

So, long story short, I’ve got a few things I’m going to try to be able to keep up a daily post load, but until I get that dialed in, expect a couple days here and there where I just decide that I’m going to skip it for the day.

I need to do it for my sanity…

This won’t change the daily news posts since I tag those articles throughout the day and they get automatically posted here.  Just the actual written stuff that I do.

On to the project!

A week or three ago I mentioned that I’m working on some projects with a new partner who lives here in the area.  Well, him and I are both beekeepers so we’ve founded our own little bee keeping venture called ‘Apex Apiaries’ and we’ll be focusing on producing local honey as well as teaching people how to keep bees.

We’re planning to run a kickstarter to raise some cash to start this up in a meaningful way.  I’ll keep you posted on how this works.

And The Products…

I’m sure you’ve read through the DIY Wind Power book that you get as part of joining my mailing list.

You DID join, right?

solarcover-rendered-150The DIY Solar Power book has been off the market for quite some time, but I paired up with a guy a bit ago to produce a more comprehensive product that includes video, audio, and a bunch of extra stuff.  At this point it’s more of a class than a book.

We ran a test sale recently and a ton of folks picked up copies.  So far the response has been pretty good.  Since these folks liked it, I thought some of you might as well.

Rudy’s Note:  Both this product page and the next one are ‘classic sales pages’ that seem a little fluffy to me, but the guy I am working with knows marketing pretty well and says that they work.  In any case, it’s not really what I’d normally write to you.  I prefer stuff that’s more casual.  So bear that in mind as you read it…

Also, there’s a coupon code for you that will give you an extra 30% off the advertised price … If you end up picking up a copy for yourself, be sure to use the coupon code PYF_SOLAR and get that discount.

Click here to check out the DIY Solar Power class


worm farmingThe other product is one on Worm Farming.  It’s a pretty straight forward book that covers how to use worms for composting and what to do vs what not to do.  If this is something that interests you, check out the link for details.

As with the other one, ignore the fluffy marketing stuff and if you decide to pick up a copy, use the coupon code PYF_WFMS for a $10 discount.

Click here to check out the Worm Farming book


Wrapping Up

Thanks for taking the time to read the stuff I write.  I love hearing from you guys, especially when you tell me how I have helped you.

So keep the emails and questions coming!


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2 Responses to An Update, A Project, And Two Products!

  1. I never thought you need to write something every day, nor do you need to write a book load of information for a post. Keep sending us information when you get it on Perparing Our Family, I like tid-bits of info just as much as the other guy and thanks again for the blog site.

  2. Shall miss your daily postings, but family comes first.
    Besides just think of all the great posting you will have when you do post something.

    When you get enough honey for sale, post your site. I have family in the Everett WA area, and will let them know you are selling your honey.