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We’re Watching You … Always Watching

So I’ve always thought it was strange that cities in Europe like London are blanketed with surveilance cameras.

It baffles me that folks are ok with that kind of intrusion into their privacy and personal affairs. Yet it doesn’t seem to be all that big a deal for them.

Last week I was driving down one of the main roads through the suburbs near our home and I saw a camera at every major intersection.

I don’t remember seeing them before, and they aren’t the traffic cameras that give you a speeding ticket or something either. They’re more like the dome cameras you see in gang areas or retail stores.

And even stranger, half way between each intersection there’s a gray metal box with no visible cameras attached to a light pole. There’s an antenna on the box as well.

Well, I’ve been watching for the last few days and I’ve seen a ton of cameras that I don’t remember seeing before. Ever.

Options here are that they are indeed new, or maybe they’ve been there and I just never noticed.

I’m going to get in touch with state and city officials and see what they’ll tell me about them, but I’m not optimistic.

Has anyone seen an increase in cameras in your area? I’m curious if this is a trend or a regional thing.

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9 Responses to We’re Watching You … Always Watching

  1. The boxes with the antennas may be part of your local electric utility’s equipment. We’ve got the same thing around here and they’re used to let Ameren know when there’s been a power failure. We live in a rural area so it’s been helpful here. We actually get our power back on a whole lot quicker than we used to.

    But you’re right – there are more cameras. Even flying above us what with all the satellites, helicopters and what not. We can’t get away anymore, even out here in the woods.

    • Why would those boxes be on the light poles, one per block? I’m not all that familiar with how that works.

  2. Rudy- Been noticing the same thing even here in our more rural area of America. Whenever we travel into the more city like areas, I am seeing more and more cameras. And not just the traffic ones. Which BTW, it has been determined in more than one state those cameras being used to give a ticket is unconstitutional.

    • the non traffic ones worry me more than the traffic ones …. Too much ‘bad’ stuff can happen. I know it’s fictional, but there’s a show on TV (think Season one just finished) called Person of Interest that can make you paranoid about cameras. My older kids love that show 😉

  3. Same here Rudy. I’ve noticed a drastic increase in the number of “bubble cameras” as I call them along our roads her in the Philly burbs. Along with an increase in square white panel scanners over highway lanes that took me quite awhile to identify. They’re being called a part of the PennDoT “Intelligent Transportation System” which seems to include: vehicle detectors, flow scanners, road pressure plates, closed circuit TV cameras, travel time readers, and message signs. Kinda creepy that I didn’t see any of this go in except for noticing the panels over the traffic lanes. All I can hear in my head when I see all this is Roz’s voice from Monsters, Inc. saying, “I’m watching you…”

  4. Yes, we have noticed more cameras in Charlotte,NC and other places too! Scary. It is still the good ole US of A,right??? Doesn’t seem like it.

  5. My neighborhood is suburban Seattle has seen cameras pop up everywhere in the last year. Traffic cameras that capture both front and rear views of a car, cameras at bus stops and throughout the park and rides. Some of these I understand, but the sheer number of them is baffling.