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Wednesday Link Dump

So I haven’t been writing lately, been ridiculously busy with summer time activities.  But I wanted to share some of the articles I’ve been reading lately…

From ‘The View From North Central Idaho‘ Joe Huffman writes an article titled ‘Debt Reduction via a Police State‘:

I recently had a reliable source tell me the EPA, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies have been told to explore how they can supply their own revenue such that they become self supporting. “Run like a business” and even potentially make a profit. My source explicitly called out the EPA and OSHA but one can easily imagine how this mandate will be extended to the ATF and hundreds of other government organizations.

If the color didn’t just drain out of your face and you nearly fainted you either don’t have a very good imagination or you have a government job.

From The Atlantic comes an article about Saving America’s Bees with Free Range Beef:

Here on our ranch, the yard and gardens are now humming with so many busy bees that if I let our two-year-old go barefoot outside, I’d probably get arrested for child endangerment. Meanwhile, a suburban woman recently complained to me that she hadn’t seen a single bee in her garden this year. This contrast would make perfect sense to scientists at the University of California – Berkeley, who’ve just released a study showing that grazing lands provide critical habitats for wild bees and other pollinators.

From the Bayou Renaissance Man comes an article about the recent debt ceiling hike called ‘We are so screwed‘:

We can now confidently expect the US economy to implode in one of two ways:

  1. EITHER the debt burden will grow so large that it absorbs most of the national budget in interest and debt service payments, crippling all other government expenditure; OR –
  2. The Treasury will deliberately print so many more dollars to service our debt requirements, in what it will doubtless call ‘Quantitative Easing 3’ (and 4, and 5, and 6, and . . . ), that inflation will almost completely erode the value of our currency, destroying any hope of prosperity for the middle and working classes of America.

Check these links out, and stay tuned for some new posts soon! I have plenty to talk about, but not so much time to write about it!

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One Response to Wednesday Link Dump

  1. We are screwed, collectively. As I kept abreast of the political posturing in D. about the debt crisis and raising the ceiling, I was both amused and horrified. Having known this was coming at least 4 years ago, I am so very glad I’ve done everything I can to prepare for what I believe is the worst yet to come. I’ve re-started my old community blog in an area publication(on-line newspaper) with the hope that I can encourage people to take the necessary steps to insulate themselves against whatever comes their way. Sadly, I think that not too many are paying attention but will just think that things will remain status quo. What can ya do?