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The Western Front, and More!

A little unplanned, but today I’m going to talk about another set of survival/prepper fiction books, this time by a gentleman by the name of Archer Garrett.  He emailed me to let me know that he’s got a special going on one of his latest books for another day or two.  More on that later.

Archer has written a number of books, but the ones I found were a three part series called ‘The Western Front’.  Set mostly in Texas (if I recall correctly) these books cover what happens when the Federal government loses its ability to defend the border and the drug runners and gangs move into the South East.

A great series, easy reads, and definitely ones that kept me up all night reading them.

The first book is free on Amazon (Kindle format only!) for a limited time.  But honestly, the entire set only costs $3 right now, and it’s great entertainment for not much money!

If you’re not sure, try the first book for free, and see if you like it.

In any case, there’s a new book out called Flashback, and Archer has it on a special promotion for FREE at Amazon.  Again with the kindle version only, but since you can get a kindle reader for any computer, and you’re reading this post, that shouldn’t be an issue.

I haven’t read Flashback yet, but will be reading it over the next couple days.  I’d have waited until I was done reading it but the special promotion is over on Friday, so go and get it today.

Happy reading!


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6 Responses to The Western Front, and More!

  1. It’s only parts 1 & 2 for $2.99. Part 3 is separate and is an additional $2.99. I downloaded the free part 1 and Flashback to see how I like it. Thanks.

      • The image is correct. If it says Parts 1-2, it’s only Parts 1-2. At this point, I should probably take that edition off Amazon, but it is still linked on some blogs, and I don’t want a dead link. Maybe after a while longer, I’ll remove it to avoid confusion.