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What Else To Do With Wheat

Everyone knows you use wheat for bread, right?  But do you know what else you can use it for?  Lisa over at The Survival Mom has a good post on alternative uses for wheat.  Go check it out!

While we certainly use wheat for bread around here, I really like using it for cereal (white wheat is good for this!) and wheat berries are very tasty.  Sprouts are a fantastic addition to any sandwich.

But the best of all, in my opinion, is wheat grass juice.  My family thinks I’m crazy, but I love the stuff.  It’s a must have for every visit to Jamba Juice.  I should probably just grow my own…

In all seriousness, this is a good opportunity to remind you that it’s just as important to use your food storage in your daily life as it is to have the food storage to begin with.  You don’t want to be figuring this stuff out when the Zombies show up.

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2 Responses to What Else To Do With Wheat

  1. Please do not refer to wheat as “wheat berries” as it is a grain and should be accorded the true respect it deserves.