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What Now Shall We Do?

Yesterday we talked about the potential for tyranny and oppression here in America.  Today, let’s discuss some of the things we can do to prevent it.

Some of these things are fairly benign.  Some are less so.

Some will get you on a list.  Some won’t.

You’re probably already on more lists than you know, though, so I wouldn’t let it bother me too much.

To Heck With Living In Fear

First and foremost, you can’t let yourself live in fear.  Fear is one of the primary weapons that a tyrannical regime will use to control the people.

Fear of external threats.  Fear of internal threats.  Fear of our neighbors turning us in.

Fear of the government.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with fear itself.  It’s a natural feeling.  But you have to be able to manage it and control it.

Fear will paralyze you.  It will prevent you from taking action.  You won’t do the right thing because you’re afraid of the consequences or you’re afraid of being wrong.

To heck with that.  Live your life like a free person.  Do the right thing.  Every single time.

Could you suffer consequences for actions?  Yup.

Is it better to die a free man than as a slave?

You better believe it.

Teach Your Children

Dictators and tyrants go after your kids.

No, they don’t attack them, or take them away (well, sometimes they do that) … no, they brainwash them.

They brainwash them in the schools.  They manipulate them through other groups (Hitler Youth is a great example here, but almost every tyrannical society has similar groups)

They indoctrinate the children into the beliefs that match their desired outcomes.

And there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.  Except for one thing.

Teach your children the truth.  Teach them to see the lies, to understand the manipulation, and to think for themselves.

Teach them the fundamental rights our country was founded upon.  And then teach them how the Feds are slowly trying to infringe upon those rights.

Teach them the difference between rights that are granted by God and acknowledged by Man.  Don’t let them buy into the paradigm they’re taught today that rights derive from the government.

I think the greatest risk to our freedom is our children giving it away because they’ve been indoctrinated and brainwashed.

Don’t let that happen.

Deny The False Dichotomy

Always remember that the Republicans and Democrats (and any other party they throw up there to replace one, ala the Whigs) are two sides of the same coin.

They talk about the differences, and there are a few.  But they’re not fundamental differences.

Both sides march us on towards tyranny and collectivism.  They have the same goals, and the same need for control.

Don’t buy into it.  It’s another way they manipulate us.

Who the heck cares if Obama did XYZ, or Bush did ABC.  It’s irrelevant WHO did it, because they all agree to it.

No matter what they say.

Oh hey, Obama was going to close Gitmo and stop all the wars.  How did that work out?

Ahh, right, Gitmo is still open and we’re still at war.

But Bush rocks, right?  After all, he was going to turn around the economy and get us out of debt, and get rid of some of those pesky Clinton edicts.

Except that didn’t happen either.  Our national debt continued to skyrocket, our freedoms were dropped into the trash compacter, and the band played on…

You can take that back 100 years and watch it play out.  Both sides say whatever they think the base wants to hear, and then they go ahead and do what they BOTH want to do anyways.

Take away your freedoms.  Preferably in ways that you won’t notice or in ways that you’ll welcome.

I’ll say it again.  Party affiliation is irrelevant.  What they say is irrelevant. They’re ALL lying.

They’re all after one thing. Control and power.

And they’ll plow through as many of us as they have to in order to get it.

Be Self Sufficient

One of the most important things you can do is improve your self sufficiency and resilience.

If you can provide your own food, and you can provide your own water, and you don’t have massive needs outside of your family and your local circles, they lose a massive leverage point.

Proof is in the pudding.  Look at the massive food stamp army, or as they are affectionally called, the Free Stuff Army.  The government has successfully managed to get millions of citizens completely dependent upon them for their food and other life essentials.

Providing someone with food, money, and a roof over their head gives you the ultimate leverage.  All you have to do to bend them to your will is threaten to take away their EBT card or their Section-8 housing.

Don’t give the government that kind of power.  Build resilience and self sufficiency into EVERY facet of your life.

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3 Responses to What Now Shall We Do?

  1. Millions of older Americans depend on Social Security and even though they paid for it, our government has turned it into an entitlement. Any advice regarding self sufficiency for those folks Rudy?

  2. Great article and right on target!
    Don’t forget your local officials. They’re closer to you and have a greater impact. I’ve learned first-hand that to cross one may result in your being slandered and given a bad reputation with your neighbors. That can undermine the sense of community and cooperation needed when crisis strikes, or just when trying to get some much needed improvements done in your community.
    We should all make time over the next week to pray for our country, state and community. America is at a crucial point in history and our prayers may make an enourmous difference in our immediate future.