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Do You Know Where Your Line Is?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock lately you know that just recently there was yet another mass shooting. Just like with the last one, there’s hue and cry to ban guns and all that.

While that’s something we should keep an eye on, I’m not too worried about it.

I’ve talked to some folks with relevant experience about these things who have told me that what we hear probably isn’t on the up and up.

I’m not surprised.

Why would we get the whole story now? We generally don’t with anything else.

Then there’s the usual rumors of false flag operations and other conspiracy theories. Some totally out there, and some plausible. But again, not super relevant.

What I want to talk about is what the heck to do if you’re ever in a similar situation.

Now the obvious basic answer is be armed, and be trained. But that should be the case anyways. No, I’m not interested in discussing tactical options or how to respond to specific scenarios.

Let’s talk about mindset.

Something that’s particularly concerning is a natural tendency I have, which many of you probably share, and that’s to help people.

Couple that with the fact that I’m armed pretty much everywhere I go, and you have a problem that may not immediately seem like one.

Despite that natural tendency to want to help, it’s actually more important to get the heck out of there.

Like any good gun owner, I’ve had a fair amount of training.  I’m reasonably confident in my abilities in that area.  But there’s no guarantees.  Ever.

So that means that even if I’m armed and able to take on the threat, if that threat isn’t immediately directed towards me, then I need to get my family out of there, post haste. And even if I’m alone, if I can get out without confrontation, then it’s my responsibility to do so.

And honestly, I have a hard time with that. But I’m responsible for all of my kids and my wife and their well-being. And that means getting out or getting safe.  If they’re with me, then it means nobody gets to them unless they go through me.

I don’t know how I’d sleep at night if I ever had to bail out on something like that without doing whatever I could to stop it.

But it’s better than leaving my wife a widow and my kids fatherless.

There’s lots of talk from armchair quarterbacks on the Internet about how they’d go active and stop the threat, or whatever.  But at the end of the day, my tribe is simply more important than that.

Deciding to actively engage a shooter if you aren’t forced to in order to protect you or yours is a big choice.  In most areas it’s legal to do so if you’re assisting someone else.  But there are huge risks that come with that, and you have to make that call with your head, not your ego.

That doesn’t mean run from everything, but it means knowing ahead of time when you will, or when you won’t engage.  And if you engage, do it without hesitation with as much violence as you can muster to stop the threat.

There’s a fine line between my responsibilities as a man and a father and being Mr. Macho. And we each need to decide beforehand where that line is.

Where’s your line?

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5 Responses to Do You Know Where Your Line Is?

  1. Run when you can, defend if you have to. Our responsibilities run something like this – ourselves (because if we aren’t safe we can’t help anyone else), or families and then our communities. Unfortunately, if we manage to get ourselves and our families into safety we can’t just run back into danger without violating our first two responsibilities. Having families changes the equation. While I may be willing to sacrifice myself for my fellow man I’m not wholly my own when I’m responsible for a family. I can’t choose death in a vacuum because my death affects others in a most direct and profound way. My family and myself are one.

    It’s good to think this one all the way through because I would imagine that if I were in that theater the last thing I’m going to have time for is to consider ALL my options. I need to have the basic ground rules worked out ahead of time.

  2. I am ashamed of my countrymen in DC, they as I, have sworn an oath to defend our nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic, they have failed in their duty.
    I would prefer that they be rounded up, transported to GITMO and tried, by Military Tribunals, for their crimes against our nation, death by hanging would be to good for their treason.
    I will settle for each and every one of them to be turned out of office and never allowed to hold elected office anywhere in this nation.

  3. Okay I would like to open this up to discussion, please. I am sure everyone on this site has a License to Carry Concealed, myself included, but here I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 4 and I take my grandchildren to the movies a few times every couple months. We sit in the back row (away from the exits). First I know how to handle myself and would do what it takes to keep my grandchildren and myself safe – no questions asked – but what do I do if a situation occurs like the tragedy in Colorado. The gunman was completely covered in body armour – including his face and legs. Other than laying on top of the children and hoping to stay unobserved – I am at a loss. This scene keeps running through my mind. How would all of you deal with this situation if it occurred – in a dark movie house, children with you and gun fine errupts and you see this man throwing gas canisters, and in full body armour.

  4. If you feel we need any more laws that restrict a persons right to defend themselves, their family or our way of life then YOU need to open the history book and learn all you can about the men that founded our country. You can outlaw guns but I know of a inmate in a State prison that built (in the prison machine shop) a 357 revolver that was claimed (by the prison guards AND officials to be a BETTER handgun than the Smith and Wesson’s purchased by the state to use to protect us from the inmates. OK does that mean every tom, dick, and harry, should run around with a firearm? WELL the fact is my forefathers was wise enough to realize a gun is uncomfortable, heavy, and easy to have a accident with so They came up with the idea of hiring peace officers to do that for them setting rules for them to follow but reserving the right to own and have on their person the means to protect themselves from those who might abuse their power. If a law is passed that outlaws guns I personally know of over a Thousand men with the skills and equipment (either at home or at work) to furnish anyone (good or bad) with a good reliable firearm, single shot repeater, semiautomatic or automatic. You need to educate everyone you meet including the young about the value of our Rights and learn the options you have and teach them their options too. A friend of mine told me how the prevent a passenger airliner highjacking ” give each passenger a SINGLE shot zip gun”.