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Whoops, We Were Gone…

My apologies for going a bit dark over the last couple of days.

With not much preparation, we took a trip out to the Farm this last weekend. Of course it was one of the hottest days of the year, which meant we didn’t get anywhere near as much done as we’d hoped. But such is life.

Then when we got home, our Internet service was down. It ended up being down for about a day. This prevented me from giving you guys a post on Monday. And like I said, I apologize for that.

Today I have a bit of a hodge podge … a few tidbits.

One of the things we did while we were out at the Farm this weekend was to investigate an old orchard. The land was last used by a homesteader almost 100 years ago. Most of what he did is gone, but we found an old orchard that he put in.

Well, we found apples on some of the trees. This is a pretty exciting thing! So we’ll add a few things to the TODO list … see if we can figure out what kind of apples they are, and see if we can prune the trees back and rehabilitate them. They’re a little overgrown.

My dad and I had some good conversations on greenhouses, and we’ll have at least half a dozen things to try over the next couple years once we move out there. I’ll try to write about that in more detail later on in the coming days.

Finally, we’ve started doing some major cleaning and purging here at home. In preparation for our move next year, we’ve started donating massive amounts of things, tossing out the stuff that isn’t usable, and selling a few of them. But the guy down the road at the thrift store drop-off is probably getting sick of us!

I’m going to try to stay a bit upbeat this week. Lots going on to bring one down, and this week I need to stay on the up side of things. With war brewing in the middle east, economic collapse on the horizon in Europe and here at home, and drought looking to cause even more supply and pricing impact for food … well, it’s enough to make you flat out worry…

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