How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

Prepare My Family? Why Would I Do That?

I’m going to guess that if you’re reading this, you’re not a child in a family, and you’re a parent who is trying to figure out what this whole ‘preparedness’ thing is all about.  Or maybe you’re not a parent and stumbled across this and just like my writing.  That’s fine too.  Bottom line, you’re an adult.  And despite what seems to be the prevailing opinion in this country, YOU are responsible for your own well being, and that of your loved ones.

Read that again.  YOU are responsible for your own well being.  YOU are responsible for your family.  YOU are responsible for your mother in law (Sorry guys…).   But there’s a critical problem here.  It’s not in style right now to be responsible for yourself.  The culture we have developed here in the United States has gone from a self sufficient independent life style to one that is a dependency oriented life style.

Look around your life today.  Chances are that most of the people you come into contact with on a daily basis are simply living their life on autopilot.  For most of them, things are going reasonably well.  After all, even if you’re “poor” in the United States, you’re rather well off in terms of how the rest of the world lives.  I don’t say this for self righteous reasons.  Quite frankly, I enjoy my luxuries just as much as the rest of you.  I like being able to run down to the grocery store and get some bizarre food item I happen to be craving at the time, or picking up the latest and greatest gadget at the local electronics box store.

Most of the people around you depend on The System far more than they realize, and chances are, so do you.  Therein lies a critical problem.  When things don’t go perfectly, and sometimes even when they DO go perfectly, those things we are dependant upon just aren’t there.   Or they’re late.  Or you don’t get as much as you might have hoped or planned on.

Maybe you lose your job, or maybe foul weather hits.  We’ll talk about WHAT we’re preparing for in another article.  Just assume for a minute that a Bad Thing happens to you.  Now what?  If you’re like most people in this country, you’re going to wait for the government to step in and help.  After all, that’s why we pay taxes, right?  They just HAVE to come help us!  Sure, they’ll show up.  Eventually.  Problem is, you’ll probably be up a creek until then.  Having worked for the government, they are SLOW.

Like I said above, it is YOUR job to be prepared.  You don’t need to prepare for an asteroid hitting the planet if you don’t want to, but taking an honest look at your life and deciding what sorts of Bad Things are likelier than not to happen is a fantastic idea.  But when I see supply problems at the gas station on the corner or the empty grocery store shelves after a winter storm it just reinforces the need to prepare.

At the end of the day, it comes down to a choice to take ownership of your future, and prepare for things that have a reasonable probability of occurring.  If you’re prepared when it happens you will be far more likely to ride it out in reasonable comfort or security.  If you’re unprepared, well, hopefully you don’t end up like these folks…

People seeking refuge in the Superdome from Hurricane Katrina
People seeking refuge in the Superdome from Hurricane Katrina
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9 Responses to Prepare My Family? Why Would I Do That?

  1. Interesting thoughts. I’ve been looking for a good family oriented survival site. Can’t wait for more posts.

    I do wonder though how to avoid being cattle herded into refugee camps and stuff when the feds are going door to door in emergency situations.

    • Steve, I’ll be posting about that soon when I go into the pros and cons of staying home vs leaving home in the case of an emergency. AKA Bugging In or Bugging Out

    • Steve wjhat do you mean by that? The feds? What would be so bad about going to a shelter if there was an emergency situation?

    • Steve, seems to me to avoid being part of a cattle herd, you can’t be a part of it? i don’t think any city or urban area will be the right place to be if something catetrophic happens. from what i read ( and i am new in this area) it will be messy and unlike what we have seen before. Personally, i am beginning to prepare to a higher level. The more i research…the more i am concerned for my family. Looking actually to move to a rural area. Anybody have any ideas on this? I know it is a big step, and maybe down the road a bit, but i don’t think it ever hurts to start planning early!

  2. I agree with Steve – great site. A friend showed me this blog and so far it has been very informative… I like that you aren’t all doomsday mentality.

    I’m pretty new to the idea of stocking up to prepare for “whatever” but I can’t believe I lived most of my life just on the edge and if something had happened I would be up a creek without a paddle, so to speak. It’s kind of scary and I’ve been overwhelmed with how to get going with this. Do you have a sort of estimate of how much food and water to stock up on per person? And then there’s energy generation, food production, longterm stuff like that. I’ll stop now 😉

    • I’ll be going step by step in my ‘Getting Started’ series. Please feel free to leave any questions you might have when I post about a given topic!

    • Adrianne and Jerry: (or anyone else)

      Yes, this site is very good. You might also check out; she’s very good too. The main thing is to START, and start from where you are. If all the prep you’ve done is shove a couple cases of bottled water under your bed, it’s amazing how much better you sleep. If you expand your coffee supply from 1 week’s worth to two, so much the better.

      Just remember: First things first. Water, food you eat, ways to stay warm and dry. Also remember: Little by little, Better is Better.

  3. This looks like it will be a great site. I am looking for concrete and practcal advise. Hope i don’t ask too many questions. So many sites are doom and gloom.

  4. If you haven’t already you can find a large group of like-minded people at the Prepper Podcast Radio Network on Blogtalk Radio.There’s a lot of content both live and archived from some very knowledgeable and friendly people , and you’re very welcome to join in.