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Your Survival Library Will Get You Killed

65780-The-Desolation-of-Somalia-2Yes, you heard me.  Your survival library and all those blogs you read will get you killed.  You can have all the preparedness books and food storage cookbooks and you still won’t survive any type of mid to longer term emergency, or even a short term emergency of significant impact to the thin veneer of civilization.

Rudy!  Why would you say such a thing?

Because it’s true.  Sure, you’ll be able to survive on your food storage if the power goes out for a week.  But for any sort of scenario where there is widespread disruption of any significant duration, you’re up a creek without a paddle.  Unless you do just a little bit more.

Don’t get me wrong.  That library and the binders of printed out material will be critical factors in your survival.  But without having actually practiced things and acquired necessary skills, even at a basic level, your chances of pulling though any sort of major issue go way down.

Have you ever cooked from wheat?  Do you eat wheat on a regular basis?  The bleached flour from the store doesn’t count.  Do you know how to sprout wheat and other grains?  Having a blog article HOWTO printed out doesn’t count.  Have you actually DONE it?

Do you have a garden in your back yard?  If you’ve never had a garden I’m guessing you have no idea just what can go wrong or how hard it can be.  Did you know that different types of vegetables need different types of soil?  Probably.  Do you know how to PROVIDE those different soil compositions to your plants?  Have you done it?  I hope so, otherwise that can of heirloom seeds you have stored away might as well be bird food.

The list goes on and on.  The bottom line is that you can’t rely on just book knowledge alone.  You need to be familiar with and actually have some hands on experience with the basics.  Have a garden even if it’s just a few oversized flower pots on an apartment balcony.  Try sprouting wheat or other grains.  It’s actually pretty darn tasty.

I’m really not trying to be alarmist, I promise…

It’s not realistic to be an expert at everything, or even to have tried everything.  But that’s where two things come in.  Friends and knowing the basics.  If you have some basic hands on experience with something then you’re far better equipped than most to do some of the more specialized tasks in that area.  Better yet, have a friend who is an expert that can teach you if need be.

Go get training.  Get CPR training.  Take courses at your local colleges agricultural extension.  Attend seminars.  Play around, try things out.  See something online that looks neat?  Try it out for yourself.  I’ll try to document some of the times I do that so you can see that I’m practicing what I preach but also to provide you with ideas of what you can try yourself.

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5 Responses to Your Survival Library Will Get You Killed

  1. Goooood post. I see this all too often. Something to keep in mind is just practicing these things doesn’t mean you need to constantly be doing them. Getting a mill and grinding your flour for bread is something you can do but it doesn’t mean you have to switch to exclusively eating bread made from your home-ground wheat. For instance, I like mexican food and I eat a lot of burritos… so beans are one of my main stored foods. I recently decided I needed to learn how to make tortillas from masa corn flour. I did it, they were pretty good, so at this point I’ll do homemade tortillas once every couple weeks. This way I am able to justify storing large quantities of masa, and if something ever did happen, I’d have a decent working knowledge of how to make the tortillas.

    Another thing to keep in mind is practicing cooking using alternate means… on a campstove, etc. Something I haven’t been doing, but I should.

  2. Great post. Just this AM woke up to no electricity and electric company said wouldn’t be restored till about 2pm. Hubby whipped out the emergency one burner butane stove and heated up leftover coffee. Then I got out the breakfast stuff for egg & cheese sandwiches on homemade (made from home ground WW) bread and fixed it on the butane stove. The neighbors had to go out for breakfast because they didn’t have anyway to fix something hot and didn’t even have some cold cereal!!

    I’d planned on using the Solar Oven for lunch, to heat some soup I’d made from a chicken carcass adding some noodles and dehydrated celery & onions. Electric came back on so I just did it on the kitchen stove.

    Point is – never panicked, just adjusted the method of cooking and went about my typical, lazy Sunday morning. It’s all in the practicing.

  3. Excellent advice! I admit I’m guilty of printing out articles, filing them, and never actually DOING. Case in point, homemade laundry detergent and firestarters using dryer lint! I have a whole bag of lint saved up,but I really need to make those firestarters and give them a try! Thanks for the nudge.

    • At least you print them out … too many people just file them away electronically and hope the computer is available if need be!